Bianca Belair Reflects On Her WWE WrestleMania 37 Match With Sasha Banks

She captured the SmackDown Women's Championship on Saturday

To close out night one of WrestleMania 37, Bianca Belair reached the top of the mountain and defeated Sasha Banks for the SmackDown Women's Championship. 

The match has been widely praised, with many naming it as one of their favourite WrestleMania main events, and Belair reflected on the match during an interview with Sportskeeda

Immediately after the bell, neither Belair nor Banks moved a muscle and The EST Of WWE tried to hold back tears while they both took it all in.

Looking back at the moment, Belair said: "I was just overcome with all types of emotion. Just the fact that we were at WrestleMania. It was the main event. We were at the main event of WrestleMania and we were creating history. When I looked across at Sasha Banks, I couldn't help but smile. I know that we were both fighting for a title, but it was... this moment, it was more than just about me. It was more than just about Sasha. It was more than just about us."

Belair was also full of praise for her opponent and she said Banks helps elevate anybody she's in the ring with. 

"The amazing thing about Sasha is that she elevates anybody that she comes in contact with. So she definitely elevated me last night and I am forever grateful to her for that. But we're still going to be fighting it out because I have something that she wants now," Belair stated.

Belair then reflected on her failed attempts to capture the NXT Women's Championship and she admitted it made her title win at The Showcase Of The Immortals all the more sweet. 

"It definitely helps amplify the moment. You know, in the process of it all, I was going after the NXT Title. I'm trying to get it, and I'm trying to get it and I was never able to get it. And of course it gets frustrating, but it's just an amazing feeling when all the pieces finally fall into place. And when I got the Title last night, I remember looking at it and saying, 'Now everything makes sense," the new SmackDown Women's Champion added.

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