Big E: It Was Heart-warming & Almost Overwhelming To Hear 'Brodie Lee' Chants on WWE Raw

Big E referenced Brodie Lee during his first promo as WWE Champion

Big E has described the moment when fans recognised his tribute to Brodie Lee on the September 20 WWE Raw, describing the chants that followed as 'heart-warming and almost overwhelming'. 

Big E, in his first first promo as the new WWE Champion, referenced Lee in the segment, who tragically passed away on December 26 2020. Big E said: "I'm grateful for all of you below the heavens, and one incredible friend above", leading to chants of 'Brodie' from the live crowd.

Speaking to Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions, Big E said on Brodie Lee: "People were chanting his name. I had a moment, I looked at Woods afterwards, and I looked at Austin. I’m getting chills thinking about it, and I had chills then. 

"It was one of those lines that I didn’t need anyone to react to. Sometimes you throw out a line just for you and for people at home. I didn’t know the people would get it, but man, it was so heart-warming and almost overwhelming to hear those chants, and to know that people knew who I was talking about, and that his memory is still alive.

"I also love, and this is a small thing too, but I never called him Luke. Maybe in promos, but he was always Brodie. You’re not talking about this pro wrestler who died when you’re chanting ‘Brodie’, that’s my friend. That’s my buddy. That’s my brother, and I appreciated that so much. That meant a lot.

"I just want to continue to keep his memory alive and that we continue to remember him. I think what helps when I’m sad or down about him is he was so damn funny. I have so many memories, pictures, and videos. There’s a lot to smile about with him and his beautiful family, his incredible family, Amanda, and those two crazy boys of hers. They’re still here and they’re still thriving.

"For me, I know Brodie was one of the first people to come up to Kofi and congratulate him when he won the title. I know he would have done the same for me."

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