Big E On WWE Part Timers: Who's Going To Turn That Cash Down?

"'m not one to judge anyone's contract, but I do understand."

WWE’s use of part-time classic superstars has divided fan opinion over the years. Some see it as good business by WWE in terms of bringing back lapsed fans, whilst others see it as a failure to build new stars.

However, WWE Champion Big E seemingly has very few problems with the ‘part-timers’, telling Ariel Helwani on The Ariel Helwani Show:

"I'm not here to demean anyone being a part-timer. If someone said, 'I'll give you $5 million to wrestle two times in a year,' who is going to turn that down? I'm not one to judge anyone's contract, but I do understand, the perception that we're the ones, the guy's on all the shows, we're doing live events, media for three hours, and putting the work in. Many times, for less money. My focus, moving forward, is on the guys here on a nightly basis and in the locker room every week. Of course, I want to face the Keith Lees. Let's get The Hurt Business back together. There are so many guys I want to focus on. I understand the backlash with people seeing older guys coming back, but I'm just asking for one night. One match. Then we'll all move on.” 

Big E has been very vocal in the past about wanting to face WWE and WCW legend Goldberg.

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