WWE’s Big E: If I Make Enough Noise About Goldberg Match, We Can Get It Done

Big E has made no secret of his desire to ‘be next’

It’s no secret that Big E would love to wrestle Goldberg in a WWE ring, but now that Big E has the WWE Title around his waist, he’s in a position where it could become reality.

Speaking on Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions, Big E was talking about fresh challenges, when Goldberg’s name cropped up:

"It's nice that, you know, there are a bunch of things that I never... you know, like the Goldberg match. When I was making my stupid little comments about 'big, meaty men', I never really thought I'd get the Goldberg match. But now I sit in a position where if I can make enough noise, he's still under contract, we can get that done," said Big E.

Big E is seemingly trying his best to manifest this big time hoss fight, having said similar things across various platforms in recent weeks.

Goldberg is still under contract with WWE, and it seems his next big bout will be a grudge match with Bobby Lashley at Crown Jewel in October.

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