Big E Reflects On WWE Title Run

Big E was WWE Champion for 110 days

After cashing in Money in the Bank and finally standing atop WWE as WWE Champion, fans had high hopes for Big E’s run with the strap.

However, despite holding the title for 110 days, big E’s reign fell a bit flat, before he was unceremoniously defeated for the gold by Brock Lesnar in a five-way match at WWE Day 1 2022.

Now, in conversation with Sports Illustrated, Big E has reflected on his time as champ, and is hungry for a second run with the belt:

“I wanted it to be a five-course meal, and it was more of an appetiser,” started Big E. “I’m overly critical of my work to begin with, so I wouldn’t say I was happy with it. My hope was to knock it out of the park, and I fell a bit short. So it’s motivating to start that climb back.”

Many saw unfortunate parallels between the ending of Big E and New Day stablemate Kofi Kingston’s WWE Title runs:

“I don’t want to position it as learning from Kofi’s missteps,” continued Big E. “I know what his intentions were, and mine would have been the same. He didn’t do anything wrong. But I have learned that losing this title hurts. I love being myself and being entertaining, but you can’t go from dropping a world championship to saying everything is golden. This title meant a lot to me, and it meant to a lot of people, too. My focus is clawing back to that spot.”

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