Big E Reveals Kofi Kingston Considered Retiring From WWE

The New Day was formed in 2014

Kofi Kingston has previously considered retiring from WWE due to frustration over his standing in the company, according to former New Day teammate Big E. 

Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods joined forces to form The New Day in 2014, at a time when Kingston was an established but underutilised member of the roster, while E and Woods were trying to find their paths after their respective call-ups from NXT. 

Intercontinental Champion Big E was asked about the reaction Kingston got to teaming up with him and Woods, to which he revealed that Kingston wasn't happy with his position in WWE, so much so that he considered walking away from the company. 

Speaking to Hot 97, Big E said: "Kofi had wanted to be a heel for quite some time, but he was the guy that they saw as the Ricky Steamboat. The perennial babyface that will never turn and he was the guy they'd cheer for. 

"But, I didn't realize it at the time until he told us, he was thinking of retiring. He was at a point in his career where, you know, you just get to the point where you're stuck. You are in this one lane, this is how they see you. 

"The moment with Randy (Orton) was 09-10, but this was 2014, so it's a while where Kofi could've done what he was doing and been around for a while. But he didn't just want to be a utility guy. He wasn't having fun just being there, just getting a pay-check."

Kingston would go on to do some of the best work of his career with The New Day, getting the heel run he craved, before eventually winning the WWE Championship from Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35 in 2019. 

Big E was separated from the rest of The New Day as a part of the 2020 Draft last year, staying on Smackdown while Kingston and Woods were moved to Raw.

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