Bobby Lashley Declines Goldberg's WWE Championship Challenge

Goldberg returned on WWE Raw

Bobby Lashley has taken to Twitter to decline the challenge issued to him by Goldberg for the WWE Championship.

A stacked Raw on Monday night saw WWE Champion Lashley defeat the returning Keith Lee following an Open Challenge. While The All Mighty was celebrating his victory, Goldberg returned to the red brand, got in Lashley's face and declared 'I'm next'.

Lashley would try to get to the WWE Hall Of Famer, only to be held back by MVP. Later in the show, MVP said that he and the WWE Champion would not dignify Goldberg's disrespect with an answer.

Bobby lashley goldberg twitter

Lashley has now used social media to issue his own statement on the confrontation, saying Goldberg has no right standing in the same ring as him and turning down the challenge from the 'old man'. 

He wrote: "You don’t belong in the same world as me, let alone the same ring. Get that close again, @The305MVP won’t be able to hold me back. No thanks, old man."

Despite the 45-year-old's tweet, Bobby Lashley vs. Goldberg for the WWE Championship is still widely expected to be one of many marquee matches held at SummerSlam in Las Vegas on Saturday 21 August.

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