Booker T: Andrade's Lack Of English Is Holding Him Back in WWE

He's reportedly asked for his WWE release

Booker T believes the one thing stopping Andrade from becoming a mainstream star for WWE in the United States is his English-speaking ability. 

Andrade has reportedly had a request to be released by WWE denied by the promotion. The Mexican superstar has not been utilised on WWE programming since October 2020, losing a quick match to Angel Garza. 

The former NXT Champion is held in high regard by Booker T, who discussed Andrade's situation on his podcast. 

The two-time Hall Of Famer hailed Andrade's in-ring work but feels his inability to speak English fluently is holding him back, as it doesn't allow him to connect with the audience in promos and backstage segments. 

On The Hall Of Fame Podcast, Booker T said: "I was reading that Andrade asked for his release. WWE, of course, don't want to lose a guy like Andrade. 

"I've said it before, this guy is next level as far as his talent goes. He is special, he is extraordinary. If he worked on his English as much as he worked on his work in the ring, he'd be a star right now. I think that's the one thing that holds him back, not saying that's a negative in a sense. 

"But from trying to make him a mainstream star in America, it's something that, you know, he needs that. I say that because most boxers that came to America and succeeded to that next level, all of those guys learnt English. Just so they can come out and cut a promo, be able to answer questions."

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