Booker T Believes Tiffany Stratton Can Become One Of 'The Greats'

Booker T believes Tiffany Stratton is ready for the WWE main roster.

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer (and current NXT announcer) Booker T believes Tiffany Stratton has all the tools to become one of the very best. 

Discussing the current NXT Women's Champion during a recent edition of his The Hall of Fame podcast, Booker said: 

"She looks good, she checks off all the boxes as far as what you're looking for in a star. I mean, she really does. And the thing is, just think for Tiffany is going to be not falling in those potholes along the way, knowing how to evade those certain obstacles and then being able to go straight through those obstacles when the time comes as well. But I think she has all the talent in the world. If she can just keep her head on straight, she's going to be one of the greats. I really believe that." 

Booker added that he believes the 24-year-old is fit for the main roster. Stratton herself recently outlined her desire to receive a main roster call-up no later than next year's WrestleMania season.

Tiffany will defend her title against Becky Lynch on the September 12 edition of WWE NXT.

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