Booker T Hates That WWE Lost Christian Cage To AEW

"I didn’t see it coming but I didn’t not not see it coming either."

Booker T believes WWE have missed a trick in allowing Christian to not sign with the company, saying he hates that the promotion lost out on Captain Charisma to All Elite Wrestling.

Having made a return to wrestling after seven years retired at the 2021 Royal Rumble, Christian was not utilised on WWE programming in the aftermath, and was unveiled as AEW's newest signing at AEW: Revolution on Sunday. 

Now back as Christian Cage, the 47-year-old seems set to enter a feud with AEW World Champion Kenny Omega following the events of Wednesday's AEW: Dynamite show, but Booker T is bemoaning that his friend is no longer with WWE. 

The WWE Hall Of Famer believes Christian would have a lot to offer Vince McMahon's promotion both inside and out of the ring, but can understand his mentality in wanting to find a new challenge. 

Speaking on the Hall Of Fame Podcast, Booker T said: "I didn’t see it coming but I didn’t not not see it coming either. It was one of those deals where Christian has always been a guy that writes his own script in terms of it not working out here, let me go try it out over there. Maybe the grass is greener on the other side or maybe I just need a change up. 

"Christian, after you saw him in the Rumble, looked pretty good. The brother looked like he can still go. He’s my brother man, we’re tight like that. Some guys man, they feel like they still got something left in the gas tank and they want to go, they don’t want to be told no.

"I understand where guys like Christian is where he still feels like he can go, has something to offer to this business. Maybe not just in the ring, but out of the ring as far as the knowledge. I really thought Christian was a prime guy, I don’t know if he wanted to do it in WWE but I do know that a lot of those guys in [WWE] developmental, to listen to Christian and get into his mind and the way he thinks, you will learn so much.

"He’s a guy for me personally, I really hate that we [in WWE] lost."

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