Booker T: It's Too Early For WWE's The Street Profits To Split Up

He thinks the tag team could be missing something, though

While The Street Profits remain one of WWE"s most popular tag teams, the company reportedly considered splitting up Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins in the 2021 Draft.

If WWE had gone through with the plan, Montez Ford would have been drafted to Raw while Dawkins would have remained on SmackDown. WWE ultimately scrapped the idea, though, and both members of The Street Profits will be members of the Raw roster from October. 

Speaking about the reported plans on his Hall Of Fame Podcast, Booker T said it was too early to break up the tag team. 

"Everybody is really high on Montez doing singles wrestling. The guy is very, very talented, but I don't know if they're actually ready for a breakup. I don't think they've been together long enough to break up and make an impact from both sides. Angie (Angelo Dawkins) is going to be looking for a spot too if they were to break up. I think together, they're better for Angie more so than Montez Ford. The thing is also, if you put Montez out there, he's in a sink or swim situation. He's going to have to go out there and deliver from a singles' perspective. The thing is, you never know what's going to happen until you're put in that position," Booker T said.

The five-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion does think The Street Profits have room for improvement, though, and he suggested the tag team could add a manager to the mix to help them "make a huge impact."

"I love Street Profits, but I don't know. Maybe they're missing something, maybe a manager or something. There's something missing for the Street Profits to actually make a huge impact. I don't know what it is. For me, I know I was in that same position with my brother as Harlem Heat. We were good, but until we got that spark and the rub from Sherri Martel, I don't ever think we would have been as big as we got if it wasn't for that. Sometimes you need that extra little bit of a push to actually become something special," Booker added.

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins have been teaming together since 2016. They have held all of WWE's tag team gold and were the company's second triple crown tag team champions. 

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