Booker T: NXT Should Go Back To Being WWE's Farm System

Get NXT talent to the main roster

Booker T believes NXT should have always remained a farm system for the main roster. 

Major changes are reportedly on the way to the black and gold brand and NXT will focus more on developing bigger and younger wrestlers who can become box office attractions. 

Reflecting on the recent NXT firings and the reported changes, Booker T admitted he believes NXT shouldn't have moved away from being a development show.

"I was reading an article today, the Rise and Fall of NXT. And they were talking about 'the war is over', because the war was with NXT and AEW. Right now AEW is pulling much better numbers than NXT, so let's just say, for keepsake, the war is over. Let's just say that. I always felt NXT should've been a farm league for the stars in WWE. SmackDown stars, WWE Raw, because that's where the money is. That's where the endgame is. And to create something else, it's just like creating another WCW. Something we're gonna have to put in a whole lot of work in trying to make work," Booker T said on his Hall Of Fame Podcast.

"You look at NXT and you look at the main roster and it's totally different games. When a guy comes from NXT to the main roster, it's a totally different game. You look at Karrion Kross in NXT, you look at him on the main roster. So you cannot sustain something like that when you're really focusing on this over here. So for me, it going back to being a farm league, I don't know what they're going to do with it, but to me, NXT being a farm league for the WWE I think is what it always should've been focused on. That's just my opinion."

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