Booker T Planning To Have Another Match

Booker T isn't done wrestling just yet

Booker T hasn’t wrestled since his brief cameo in the 2023 men’s Royal Rumble match, where he spent 42 seconds in the bout. Prior to that, he’d competed in just five matches since 2012, most of those coming at his Reality Of Wrestling promotion. Professional wrestling is a business where “never say never” is a common phrase, with many wrestlers over the years returning to the ring time and time again despite a growing age.

On his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T has revealed that he has been thinking about stepping back in the ring. 

“It’s hard to walk away from it. It really is. It’s so hard. I look at Matt and Jeff, Chris Jericho, Taker, The Rock sneaking into WrestleMania 40. That’s what the business is. We never really retire. Even myself, I’m thinking about having another match at Reality of Wrestling. I’ve been training. I’ve been getting myself together in the gym on a regular basis. I’m on the 30 day ab workout. I’m like, man, I can still do this. How are you gonna tell a man he can’t do it no more? You can’t do it."

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