Booker T Reveals Why He Thinks Gable Steveson Flopped In WWE

Was Gable Steveson fully committed to WWE? Booker T gives his take

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently discussed the latest round of WWE cuts, including touted prospect Gable Steveson (who was let go on May 3).

The Olympic gold medallist signed a multi-year WWE contract in 2021 but only wrestled one televised match (against Baron Corbin at NXT The Great American Bash 2023) before being let go. 

Asked whether Steveson ranks as the biggest flop in WWE history during a recent edition of his The Hall of Fame podcast, Booker said: 

"As far as the build-up, you can say that... what people were expecting to see from Gable Stevenson just because he had to look at everything you check off a box, go, I mean Gable, yet all of that man, and for it not to pan out, I think it was him, not really... what word should I use? Buying all in, not really saying, 'Man, I'm really gonna throw everything into doing this and being the best at it'. Yeah, one foot in the door and one foot out. Let's just say that. That's a better analogy".

On whether Steveson's problem was his sole focus being on professional wrestling, Booker added: 

"Exactly, I think that's what it was more than anything. Could he have cut it and really pulled this thing off? Probably. I really think that [amatuer] wrestling bug was still in his system, and it was hard for him to really get it out. He still had something to prove, and there again, just having one foot in and one foot out. I think that was his problem".

According to reports, WWE released Steveson because he simply 'wasn't cutting it' while being on a big-money deal. NFL teams have reached out to the 23-year-old following his release.

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