Booker T: Rhea Ripley Is The Hulk Hogan Of The Modern WWE Roster

“She’s definitely a star, a major star.”

Rhea Ripley’s main roster WWE run has been an up-and-down affair, but her popularity and obvious star power shines through, so much so that WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has compared Ripley to Hulk Hogan.

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker exclaimed how Ripley can be as big a star as Hogan was:

“You know, man, I look at Rhea Ripley like Hulk Hogan. That’s what she’s like, she’s like the female Hogan. She’s a money machine, she’s a draw. I like her in a tag team thing, maybe they’re shielding her, saving her [for another storyline], one of those type of deals. She’s definitely a star, a major star.”

Booker didn’t stop at Ripley and Hogan though, comparing several other prominent members of WWE’s women’s division to megastars of the 80s and 90s:

“Charlotte is the Ric Flair, Sasha would be like the Macho Man,” Booker T continued. “That’s no disrespect or anything like that.”

A one-time WWE Raw Women’s Champion, Ripley has plenty of time to equal Hogan’s 12 world championships across WWE and WCW.

H/T: Sportskeeda

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