Booker T Sees Similarities In Big E's WWE Title Loss & His WrestleMania 19 Loss To Triple H

Big E lost the WWE Title to Brock Lesnar

Booker T can understand why fans are upset by Big E losing the WWE Title at WWE Day 1, comparing reaction to his match with Triple H at WrestleMania 19. 

Booker T challenged for the World Heavyweight Championship against Triple H at WrestleMania in 2003, concluding a storyline that had racially-charged undertones. While many predicted the uncomfortable angle would conclude with Booker winning the Title, a heel Triple H would ultimately retain.

Big E lost the WWE Title to Brock Lesnar at WWE Day 1 and Booker knows some fans will be really gutted for the New Day member that he didn't win or keep the Championship for longer.

Speaking on his Hall Of Fame Podcast, Booker said: "It’s an emotional thing because Big E lost. He just got it, 'Why does Big E have to lose?’ But for me, I just never look at it that way. It’s about the show. It’s about going out there and entertaining, it’s about giving the fans those moments to where they are uncomfortable.

"There again, they’ll wake up this morning and have some emotion for Big E actually losing and really feel for Big E actually losing, as opposed to just another match.

"I remember when I lost to Triple H. People really felt a certain way the next morning because the story was, I should have won. Big E was in a position where a lot of people feel like, ‘man he should have won.’ But there again, he has the chance to come back and redeem himself. Seriously, people still feel a certain way about it. Because it was an emotionally charged angle to where people, especially of color, felt like I’ve got to get my hands on him.

"Booker T’s got to go out there and take care of this piece of business. I totally get it. But, I just think in the grand scheme of things, I really think it was the right thing to do."

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