Booker T: Why Baron Corbin Is A Better King Of The Ring Than 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

The Hall Of Famer's Argument Has Some Logic To It...

Booker T has hailed Baron Corbin's commitment to his King Corbin gimmick, saying the way he took to the role makes him a better King Of The Ring winner than 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. 

Corbin is latest WWE Superstar to win the King Of The Ring tournament, after it was reincarnated in 2019. Following his success over Chad Gable in the Final, the former United States champion made the title part of his persona, donning the King Of The Ring crown and robe ever since. 

Legendary Hall Of Famer Steve Austin is widely considered the best-ever winner of the King Of The Ring, largely down to iconic post-match speech which birthed the phrase, ‘Austin 3:16’, but Booker T holds Corbin is higher esteem for making the King title part of his character. 

Booker T himself also changed his character when he won the King Of The Ring tournament in 2006, becoming 'King Booker' and subsequently winning the World Heavyweight Championship. 

He told The Hall Of Fame Podcast: "You know, I’m just keeping it real, outside of myself – King Booker was the most majestic king that has worn the crown, whoever adorned the robe, the royal sceptre, as well as the insignia… there was only one king that I can really think about as far as, you know, stepping up and honestly is King Corbin. 

"No, I’m serious. I appreciate all the Kings that have come along, but Corbin has really taken the role just like I did, he’s believed in the role to create, you know, for me, my own world, the SmackDown world, the SmackDown kingdom. This is something that Corbin has trying to recreate. 

"A lot of the guys that wore the robe – they just wore the robe, they just wore the crown. You know I’ve talked to Steve Austin about it and the best kings about it. You know, they got Steve Austin at number one (best King of the Ring poll) and I go, ‘how does this happen?’ That’s what the polls say. Fake polls. I would give King Corbin the rub.”

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