Booker T: Why The WWE King Of The Ring Tournament Is Not About The Tournament Itself

All hail King Booker...

Booker T believes the matches in this year's WWE King Of The Ring and Queen's Crown Tournaments have not been particularly long because the matches themselves aren't the priority. 

The WWE Hall Of Famer arguably had his most memorable run in WWE using the King Booker gimmick, which he committed to after winning the 2006 King Of The Ring tournament.

Booker notes that he only actually wrestled two matches in the tournament before becoming the 'King' and says the purpose of the competition is to give a character a new lease on life in WWE.

Speaking on The Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T said: "People may not remember, I think I had two matches and I won the King of the Ring tournament. The King of the Ring tournament is not about the tournament. It’s about crowning a King. 

"That’s why I said, this King of the Ring tournament is definitely going to be a tournament where the winners are going to have to figure it out as to what their reign as King or Queen really is.

"For me, I was in the same position. I was in that same boat. I was able to create the King of the Ring memories as far as me wearing the crown.  That’s something that people can say, ‘Man, that’s pretty dope. That was pretty awesome. Man I liked it. Man I hated it.’ It was one of those types of deals.

"This tournament can really seal your career in a way to where you may not want it. You have to be willing to really accept this role, embrace it, and run with it."


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