Booker T: WWE Should Have Booked Nia Jax As A Monster

Jax was released by WWE this week

Of all the names from WWE’s latest round of releases, Nia Jax’s was one of the more surprising, as Jax was one of the better protected names in WWE’s women’s division.

WWE Hall of Famer was also shocked by Jax’s release, saying on the Hall of Fame podcast that he believed the former WWE RAW Women’s Champion would be with the company for years to come:

"Nia Jax - I'm definitely shocked at that name being in that group right there. I thought Nia Jax was one that's going to be around for a long, long time, just because... there again, I thought she was talented," said Booker.

As to where things went wrong for Jax, Booker believes WWE dropped the ball with her booking, believing she should have been built as a monster:

"With Nia - I love Nia, one of my favourite people - but the one thing with Nia was, instead of being a monster, she still wanted to be a Diva. And I think, you know, Awesome Kong, there's no frills there - 'I'm coming to lay waste and leave havoc in the middle of this ring.' That's something that I never really got from Nia Jax and that's something I so wanted - beauty and the beast. That's what the title for me for Nia Jax would've been. And she would've been beastly in the ring, taking care of business."

Jax was with WWE for seven years.

H/T: Sportskeeda

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