Booker T: Xavier Woods Won't Top My Reign As WWE King Of The Ring

King Boooookah hath spoken

Being crowned King of the Ring isn’t a straight forward affair, as rather than a guaranteed rocket to propel a wrestler to the next level, it can be a millstone that weighs heavy around a performer’s neck.

For every Owen Hart there is a King Barrett, for every Steve Austin a King Sheamus, and now it is time for Xavier Woods to see how he fares with the crown and sceptre.

But no matter what he does as King, former King of the Ring winner Booker T believes Woods’ reign won’t top that of King Booker, saying on the Hall of Fame podcast:

"His gimmick is more... still somewhat New Day-ish. Is there anything wrong with that? I can't say there's anything wrong with that. What memories he leaves, it's going to be all on him. For him to go out there and be like me, that's not going to work. People are not going to buy that. Everything that he's doing right now, he's going to leave a legacy and it's going to be remembered as what it is. We're not going to find out till it's all over with. Will it top my reign? Hell no (laughs). No one can touch my reign, that's just the way I feel.”

H/T: Sportskeeda

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