Mandy Rose Reveals She Pitched Otis Storyline To Vince McMahon In WWE

Mandy and Otis were paired at WrestleMania 36

Mandy Rose has revealed she was the one who developed the storyline between herself and Otis in WWE, and feels she earned a lot of respect from Vince McMahon when she pitched it to him. 

Rose was involved in a romantic angle with Heavy Machinery's Otis throughout late 2019 and early 2020, eventually culminating in a match between Otis and Dolph Ziggler at WrestleMania 36. 

One of WWE's genuinely most interesting angles of the year at that point, the new NXT Women's Champion says she was the one who came up with the angle, and took it to WWE Chairman McMahon. 

It was this interaction that Rose feels led to her getting more respect from the boss.

Speaking to Fightful, Rose said: "When you have a creative idea or something, go right to Vince. I would be by his door, just like everyone else and hopefully get in there. Obviously, he's a very busy man and very hard to get to. Sometimes you wait all day, literally, and he'd just walk out and you don't want to bother him.

"There were a few interactions I had with Vince, for sure. There was one right at the beginning when I first got to Raw. The one with the Otis storyline, I actually went in there and pitched that whole thing. I think that's when, coming from the reaction I got from Vince, is when I think he was like, 'that's an amazing idea' and I took the initiative to go in there and come up with this idea and have a plan for how it ends and the whole storyline and how it leads up to it.

"He really gained a lot more respect for me in that sense because he loved the idea but he also thought it was cool that I took the initiative. That was a cool moment I had with him."

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