Boundaries Of AEW-CMLL Relationship Revealed

The nature of the AEW-CMLL relationship has been revealed

All Elite Wrestling recently entered into a surprising relationship with heritage lucha libre federation CMLL, with CMLL star Mistico wrestling Rocky Romero in an AEW ring on the October 20 edition of Rampage.

The relationship is surprising due to AEW’s long running partnership with CMLL’s fierce rival Lucha Libre AAA, a relationship which has caused logistical nightmares for certain AEW talents. During a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Live, Rocky Romero explained the parameters of this new relationship:

"The parameters are things like, you know, maybe no AAA talent on the same show as CMLL talent. Obviously not in the same matches as well," Romero said. "But yeah, I think I’m pretty much responsible for at least getting the conversation started and bringing the idea of CMLL working with AEW. And in this case, primarily Mistico. I think that over the last couple weeks, we’ve heard quite a bit that Tony Khan was a big fan of Mistico and having him was a big deal. So just to be able to open that door for CMLL, AEW, and New Japan to hopefully do some more work together next year, I'm stoked for it. I think it’s really, really cool. That’s another forbidden door opened."

Fellow AEW partner New Japan recently announced a new and improved 'strategic alliance' with CMLL, and MLW.

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