Brand New Gimmick Dropped Already By WWE?

Could the Bludgeon Brothers be finished before their TV debut?

Recent vignettes have implied that Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are to be repackaged as the 'Bludgeon Brothers', a gimmick based around new ring attire and gigantic hammers - but new reports from WWE's UK tour could signal the end of the change before it has even debuted on TV.

Rowan and Harper have appeared on the tour in their new gimmick, as shown by the tweet below:


However, at a more recent show in Leeds, the pair entered as their old selves - dressed in their usual Wyatt Family rags and entering to Harper's singles theme. Rather than being announced as the Bludgeon Brothers, they were instead introduced under their individual ring names.


There is no word yet on the reason for the change, or whether it's simply a temporary reversion to their old selves. However, with house shows often used as a trial for new storylines, feuds, and gimmicks, it doesn't look too promising.

Harper and Rowan have struggled to find prominence since the Wyatt Family's storyline with Randy Orton. Harper was kicked out of the group by Bray and Orton in January 2017, while Rowan - who missed the angle through injury - returned on the SmackDown after WrestleMania 33 to assist Bray against the now-babyface Viper.

The pair then had a short feud between themselves, which ended when Harper defeated Rowan at Backlash in May. Bray's switch to Raw seemed to end any chance of a Wyatt Family reunion, and the duo have struggled for TV time since.

As a team, Harper and Rowan held the NXT Tag Team Championship in 2013 - the latter's only taste of gold in WWE. Harper has enjoyed more success, once winning the SmackDown Tag Team titles alongside Wyatt and Orton (as per the Freebird rule), and is also a former Intercontinental Champion.

Hopefully, for the sake of the pair's momentum, the dropping of the Bludgeon Brothers gimmick is only temporary.

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