Report: Update On Braun Strowman's Indy Booking Price

The Monster Among Men has shot down rumours of his price-tag

The latest round of WWE releases caught performers and fans off-guard, especially with the release of former WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman. The Monster Among Men fit the bill of a ‘WWE guy’ and many assumed he’d be in the company for life. 

Since his release, however, Strowman has been quiet about his next moves, but reports emerged that he was quoting a price of up to $25,000 if any independent promotions wanted to book him.

Now Strowman himself has shot down these reports, posting the following on his Twitter account:

“Let me just get this FYI out.  I have not spoken to anyone about bookings.   But if you wanna talk business the email to my agent is in my bio.  Thank for any confusion you may be reading online.”

While Strowman denied any talks with any wrestling promotions, he didn’t shoot down the rumours of his asking price, and since Strowman's tweet, PWInsider have doubled down on the reports about Strowman's price. 

New reports state that Strowman's manager Nick Antocelli "has quoted "20-25K" for a three hour appearance to multiple promoters ", with Antocelli also asking for first class airfare, two nights of hotel as well as meals and ground transportation all covered for Strowman.

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