Bret Hart Questions Why Goldberg Is In The WWE Hall Of Fame

Bret Hart isn’t Goldberg’s biggest fan…

It’s WrestleMania weekend and therefore Hall of Fame season, and whilst most will question why certain performers aren’t in WWE’s HoF, Bret Hart has questioned why Goldberg is in the HoF.

Hart is a two-time Hall of Famer, but during a Highspots Virtual Signing, ‘The Hitman’ took a now customary swipe at fellow Hall of Famer Goldberg:

"Personally, I think Barry Horowitz should be in the Hall of Game where as Bill Goldberg shouldn't be. Barry Horowitz was a really good wrestler. Never hurt anybody, ever, was always a pro in there every night. That's a guy that should be in the Hall of Fame. Bill Goldberg hurt everybody he worked with. What's he in there for? I don't understand it. Barry was a really good wrestler, he really was, especially for beginners and stuff. He was a guy that could go in there and get you through a match.”

Barry Horrowitz is seen as possibly the most legendary jobber in WWE history, with the self-back-patting Barry a mainstay on WWE TV in the early to mid 90s. As for Goldberg, the former WCW and WWE World Champion achieved a lot in his relatively short in-ring career, but gave Hart a concussion in 2000 that all but ended ‘The Hitman’s storied career.

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