Brian Cage: AEW Could Benefit From The EVPs Having More Of A Final Say On Creative

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While All Elite Wrestling has a collaborative creative process, AEW President Tony Khan remains the promotion's head booker and he holds the final say on storyline decisions.

Speaking about the situation on Dan Severn and Don Frye's 'Toxic Masculinity' podcast, Brian Cage said it's a "little nuts" that Khan has the final say and The Machine believes AEW could benefit from the company's EVPs becoming more involved with creative. 

"What's crazy, creative team? No. It's just Tony. Tony Khan who owns it [AEW] and he does so much anyway already, it's literally just all him. He'll have some help or input from other guys and some of the EVPs that you know helped start it like The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes. They kind of help do their own stuff, but Tony pretty much has the final and only say on majority of the entire product which is a little nuts. I do think that it could benefit with some of the people helping out on that," Cage stated.

While many promotions often have a creative team working behind the scenes, one individual usually has the final say on storyline choices, such as Vince McMahon in WWE.

Brian Cage has appeared to become unhappy with his spot in AEW in recent months and after The Machine's wife tweeted that he was being misused in Tony Khan's promotion, Cage replied with a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air GIF, seemingly agreeing with the post.   

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