Brian Gewirtz Claims 'Who Killed WCW?' Documentary Won't Be A WWE Retread

Don't expect the same old narrative from upcoming the Vice TV series.

The demise of WCW has been explored countless times since the promotion folded in 2001. 

WWE themselves have produced various documentaries on the subject, most notably the 2009 DVD set The Rise and Fall of WCW and the 2014 WWE Network series The Monday Night Wars

The announcement of upcoming Vice TV series Who Killed WCW? was thus dismissed by some fans who anticipate that it will stick to a familiar narrative. However, show producer Brian Gewirtz has claimed that will not be the case. 

Speaking about the series during a recent appearance on The Masked Man Show, Gewirtz said: 

"They're not buying it if it's the same old, same old... We interviewed top Turner executives and have them tell their story unfiltered. That's really, at the heart of the matter, the relationship between Turner broadcasting and WCW. We got Brad Siegel and top WCW and Turner executives. Ted Turner's son is interviewed. We got the big names. Bret [Hart], Kevin Nash, Goldberg, Booker T and Sharmell, [Eric] Bischoff, [Vince] Russo, DDP, Konnan, David Arquette, Madusa and we have The Rock speaking on it from a 'This is what we were seeing on the WWE side'. But we truly wanted to tell the 'real story' of WCW from the people that were there and not the WWE version".

Gewirtz also noted that Guy Evans' extensively research book Nitro: The Incredible Rise and Inevitable Collapse of Ted Turner's WCW served as inspiration for the project. The four-part docuseries will debut on June 4. 

Elsewhere, Gewirtz discussed Cody Rhodes' reaction in the SmackDown segment where he gave his WrestleMania 40 main event to The Rock. 

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