Brie Bella: There's Been A Drop In Direction For The WWE Women's Division

Bella is frustrated with the time given to WWE's female roster

Brie Bella has expressed her surprise at the drop in direction for the women's division in WWE, saying that the girls have gone back to getting 'so little'.

Reports have indicated that there is 'significant frustration' backstage in WWE among talent and officials over the treatment of the women's division in recent weeks, and WWE Hall Of Famer Brie has expressed the same sentiments. 

Speaking on the Sippin’ the Tea TV Show with Ariane Andrew, Brie Bella said: "It’s weird because I feel like lately, you’ve seen a little bit of a drop. Now that Becky is back, there’s going to be momentum with stories, but there for a while, I thought the girls were getting so much, and then all of a sudden, it went back to so little.

"You would watch either RAW or SmackDown and the stories just didn’t feel like they were getting as much depth as they should have, and not as much time.”

Highlighting the women's tag-team division, Bella wait on to say: "Look at the tag division. I’m just like, wait...we went from having some many tag teams to now it doesn’t feel like a lot. I like how women can be such vibrant, fun characters. If I look back in the day, the Glamour Girls, when Jimmy Hart would walk them out, how do we not have a women tag team that has a male manager? 

"There’s so many things that WWE is great at but that, for some reason, misses the boat with me. You can have an incredible tag division. But I’m blown away at some of the ones they got rid of. Riott Squad? I’ll never understand it. Even like Mandy and Dana Brooke looked like a great tag team walking down. The IIconics?

"I just try to wrap my head around it, like did they threaten somebody backstage? Because other than that, I don’t understand."

H/T Wrestling Inc.

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