Britt Baker Explains Why She Turned Babyface In AEW

Britt Baker Has Explained The Reason For Her Babyface Turn In AEW

Despite being the biggest heel in the AEW women’s division for a good few years now, Dr Britt Baker D.M.D. has undergone a babyface turn in recent weeks. Alongside Jamie Hayter, Baker’s babyface turn has been the natural progression for her character during a feud with Saraya and Toni Storm. 

Speaking in an interview with the New York Post, Baker revealed the reasoning behind her recent turn to the good side:  

“That is more so just listening to the crowd. Jamie’s been getting nuclear reactions for a while now. I think almost my entire title reign I felt like I was getting cheered. It was time. You feel it. You try to fight it as much as you can even though you probably shouldn’t. There comes a point where it’s just time.”

Many fans believe that Britt Baker may very well turn heel again sometime in the future, igniting a feud with Jamie Hayter, especially after there were significant tensions built up between the two wrestlers over the last year or so, but Baker has played down the chances of that happening, explaining;

“If the roles were reversed, Jamie was always helping me. I had the belt and I was the centre of attention. Once the role is reversed, why would I not be there for her right now, too? It’s time for Jamie to have the spotlight and the title and for Jamie to have the big push. I want to be right there in her corner for all of this, too. It’s not fair for me to just ditch her and be on her own right when she gets centre stage.”

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Written by Andrew Kelly