Bobby Fish Still On Good Terms With AEW Despite 2022 Exit

Bobby Fish Revealed That He And AEW Ended Things On Good Terms

It felt as though the glory days of black & gold NXT had taken over AEW when Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O’Reilly were all aligned under the same roof as The Undisputed Elite. There was a lot of potential and anticipation for the Undisputed Elite in AEW, especially when all signs pointed towards a major trios feud down the line against Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks. 

With injuries to Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly, this didn’t come to fruition, and the future of the Undisputed Era in AEW looked to be over following Bobby Fish’s exit from the company. However, in a recent interview with the Going Away Podcast, he said that despite disagreements, he and AEW ended things on good terms: "I would say [the departure] was amicable. We just didn't see the same numbers." 

Fish went on to explain how it didn’t help negotiations with both Cole and O’Reilly ruled out for the foreseeable future, with Fish not being as big a draw on his own. When it comes to the UE in AEW, Fish had some criticisms, stating: "If you don't maximize the opportunity with us, I'm gonna feel that there was some money left on the table. So yeah, I think there could have been more done." 

The door is likely open for at least one trios match down the line with The Elite, even if Fish doesn't end up returning to AEW permanently. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly