Britt Baker Would Love To See AJ Lee In AEW

Could Lee follow CM Punk to AEW?

Britt Baker would love to see AJ Lee in All Elite Wrestling, revealing a desire to wrestle her in the company. 

AJ Lee retired from WWE in 2015 due to permanent damage to her cervical spine and being caught in the middle of the promotion's dispute with her husband CM Punk, who walked out of WWE a year prior. 

With Punk now signing for AEW, fans have mooted the possibility of Lee following her spouse to the company, and AEW Women's World Champion Baker wants to see it happen.

Speaking during an interview with Planet Comicon, Baker said: "I was a big AJ Lee fan. One of the first moves I asked my trainer to teach me when I was training was her finisher, the Black Widow. So, that would be really cool.

"Again, it’s giving the fans what they want. I think for the fans to see both of them [Punk & Lee] in a wrestling ring again in 2021, which is not in WWE…that alone would be evolutionary.

"So, for that moment alone, I would love to see her in AEW. I would love to see her in the ring with me. Speaking of her, I would love to see a mixed tag team match involving her, Punk, me and somebody else [Adam Cole]."

H/T Wrestling Inc.

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