Brodie Lee Admits He Parodied Vince McMahon During Early AEW Vignettes

He used some of the WWE Chairman's mannerisms in segments...

Following his debut in All Elite Wrestling, Brodie Lee established himself as The Exalted One in multiple vignettes with The Dark Order. The segments quickly drew everyone's attention, however, as Big Rig appeared to parody his former boss Vince McMahon. In one particular segment, Mr. Brodie berated Alex Reynolds for sneezing in front of him and he lambasted John Silver for daring to eat before he had finished his steak. 

Back in May, Lee denied he had parodied McMahon and claimed his gimmick had been inspired by old mafia movies.

Many doubted Brodie's explanation, though, and The Exalted One admitted during a recent interview with WrestlingInc. that he did use the WWE Chairman as inspiration.

Lee said: "Obviously, there was a couple of little Easter eggs and things that people could very easily pick up on, but as a whole, the character was never meant to be a Vince McMahon parody. But there was definitely a couple of jabs his way in the early going. Once I realised that that was everything that people were going to talk about, I wanted to get away from that as quickly as possible because I wanted it to be more about me more about my identity and more about my journey to where we're going. I didn't want to be seen as that bitter ex-employee. I don't want that label on me whatsoever."

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