Brodus Clay: Undertaker Told Me How To Tank A Bad Gimmick

The Deadman was not a fan of the 'Funkasaurus'...

Current NWA star Tyrus, formerly known as WWE's Brodus Clay, recently revealed the advice that The Undertaker gave him to purposely tank his 'Funkasaurus' gimmick. 

Clay was repackaged from menacing monster heel to fun-loving dancing babyface, a move that dismayed The Deadman. According to Brodus, he was instructed on how to sabotage the gimmick by the WWE veteran.

Appearing on a recent edition of Talk is Jericho, he said: 

"Taker's advice to me was, he came up to me and was just like, 'Fall'. I said, 'What?'. He was like, 'When you go out there and you debut tonight, fall. If you fall on the stage they'll scrap the whole thing'. I just looked at him and said, 'Would you fall?'. He said, 'No, this is what the boss wanted'".

The Funkasaurus character was relatively short-lived and is best remembered for the Tons of Funk tag team Clay formed with Tensai (Matt Bloom).

Though Clay eventually turned heel and feuded with Tensai, he was then phased out and released a short time later.

H/T Wrestling Inc.

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