Bruce Prichard Claims People In IMPACT Didn't Understand The X Division

Bruce Prichard on the IMPACT X Division

TNA/IMPACT Wrestling Founder Jeff Jarrett has repeatedly defined the X Division as being about no limits, not weight limits, but Bruce Prichard has claimed nobody really knew what the division was about during his two runs with the promotion.

During an episode of Something To Wrestle, Bruce Prichard recalled asking backstage personnel about the X Division, saying: "We have the X-Division. 'Okay, what does that mean? Define it for me. Is it only guys five-foot-two and under... What makes that division different than any other division? Are they all six-[foot]-nine and over? Are they all under 140 pounds? What makes the X-Division?'"

Prichard noted he never received a clear answer, but the division has often revolved around action-packed matches, with the likes of AJ Styles, Chris Sabin, and Samoa Joe established as some of the longest-reigning X-Division champions in the promotion's history. The current champion is Trey Miguel, who is currently in his second reign with the belt.

The X-Division Title has had some atypical champions during its 20+ year history, however, such as Abyss and Bobby Lashley. 

Bruce Prichard had two runs with IMPACT Wrestling, first from October 2010 until July 2013 before a short-lived return in 2017. 

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