Bryan Danielson: I'd Have Been The Perfect Opponent For Jonathan Gresham At ROH Final Battle

Danielson didn't learn of Bandido's illness until the day of the event

Bryan Danielson would have been glad to wrestle Jonathan Gresham for the Ring of Honor World Championship at Final Battle 2021, had he known a replacement for Bandido was needed.

Jonathan Gresham was scheduled to face Bandido for the ROH Title at Final Battle earlier this month but, unforunately, a positive COVID test ruled Bandido out of the bout. 

While Jay Lethal would step in to compete in the match instead, Danielson says he would have been open to the role but did not know about the needed change until the morning of the show.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Danielson said: "I’m not on my phone, ever. It’s hard to get me to pick up my phone at any given point of the day. So I didn’t realize until Saturday morning [the day of Final Battle] that Bandido couldn’t do the show.

"I was like, ‘That would have been perfect for me to come in and do that.’ It would have been a lot of fun.

"I’m not sure that would have even been OK with the state my knee was in on Friday, but I think that’s a match that a lot of wrestling fans would want to see.

"He’s one of the guys I want to wrestle. They say it’s the champions who make the championship, right? I think Jonathan Gresham is a great, great wrestler who would really make the championship. But without the platform, or if you don’t have the vehicle to show off how talented Jonathan Gresham is, it makes it very difficult.

“The title is in good hands with Jonathan Gresham, but the hard part is what happens with Ring of Honor. We’re all waiting to see what they end up doing."

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