Scarlett Bordeaux Envious That WWE NXT 2.0 Female Talent Are 'Allowed To Be A Little Bit More Sexy'

Scarlett and Karrion Kross were released by WWE last month

Scarlett Bordeaux has admitted she is a bit envious that the female wrestlers in WWE NXT 2.0 are allowed to 'be a little bit more sexy'.

Scarlett, along with real-life partner Karrion Kross, appeared on NXT TV between 2020 and 2021 but had departed WWE's third brand before the switch to NXT 2.0. Reports have since indicated that the promotion are trying to take NXT 2.0 in an edgier direction.

Bordeaux, who was released alongside Kross from WWE in November, wishes she had been afforded the same leeway in dressing and looking sexy during her time in NXT.

Speaking to Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions, Scarlett said: "The one thing I'm a little bit envious of is the girls now are allowed to be a little bit more sexy. That's the new thing with NXT 2.0.

"I had to scale it back. Even with clothes that would be really low cut and they'd look at me before going out and be like, 'you need a little mesh there.' 'Okay, let me go fix that.' I'd put on some mesh and pull down the shorts a little. Now, I don't think they have that rule anymore, so I'm a little jealous of that.

"It's fun to dress sexy and look sexy when no one is telling you to do it. If someone is trying to force you and telling you to take your clothes off, I would be like, 'Hell no,' but when it's me choosing my outfits and doing that stuff, it's super fun and cool for me."

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