Bryan Danielson: Kenny Omega AEW Match Was Personally 10/10

Dragon vs. Omega was lauded as an instant classic

When Bryan Danielson made his way over to AEW, there was a sense of expectation surrounding The American Dragon’s next steps, expectations that were instantly met with his incredible debut draw with Kenny Omega.

Instantly lauded, the bout garnered Danielson his first ever five-star match review from Dave Meltzer, and as revealed to Jim Varsallone, Danielson himself ranked the match as a personal 10/10, saying:

“So yeah, I wasn’t worried if we knocked it out of the park or hit a grand slam, I worry about, ‘Did I enjoy what I just did?’ And as far as my enjoyment, that’s a 10/10 as far as you look at, ‘Okay, well which matches did you enjoy the most?’

“If you rank everything on a scale of one to 10, that was a 10/10 enjoyment for me in the sense that there are only a handful of matches that are even comparable. So yeah, to me, it was just a ton of fun. And then what I do after is a day or two later, I’ll go back and watch it, and that’s where I’ll pick myself apart. And that’s the point that I go back and learn, and so – ’cause I find that if you’re too… if you come back and the first thing you’re worried about is, ‘Did we do a good job?’ Then all of a sudden, you aren’t enjoying it as much as you could.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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