Bryan Danielson: Why Kenny Omega AEW Match & Losing To Kofi Kingston In WWE Was 'Pure Joy'

Danielson notes why WrestleMania 30 was 'weird' too

Bryan Danielson says his perspective on his matches comes down to where he was at in his personal life at the time of the bout, naming his AEW Grand Slam match with Kenny Omega and his WWE WrestleMania 35 loss to Kofi Kingston as 'pure joy'.

Danielson notes that, while fans might believe his main-event WWE Title win at WrestleMania 30 was his career highlight, he was also going through a stressful personal situation and multiple injuries at the time.

During a recent interview with The Dallas Morning News, Danielson said: "This is my perspective on it – other people may feel differently. But to me, the perspective is always different based on where you’re at in your life.

"The WrestleMania settings for me, like WrestleMania 35 when I lost to Kofi Kingston – that was pure joy. I had just been cleared to wrestle the year before, it was a lot of fun. WrestleMania 30, which is what most people associate me with, I have a little bit of a harder time with because I was in a ton of pain with my neck and shoulder, barely sleeping, and then my dad passed away and all that kind of stuff – Brie and I got married like six days after. So, there’s like a lot of ups and downs that has a lot of like weird feelings to me.

"It’s funny looking back on it now, but I had just won the title at WrestleMania 30 and I’m exhausted and I’m tired and all that kind of stuff, but I feel great, right? And then I’m holding up the belts and the camera guys keep telling me ‘Keep Yes-ing, keep Yes-ing.’ And I’m like, I can barely lift my arm and I’m holding these two titles.

"To me, the match with Kenny Omega, the difference was that was just pure joy. Being able to feel and experience an incredible moment. And also as I’ve matured, I’ve been able to enjoy wrestling more, especially since I’ve come back from my retirement. Progressively, the last several years, it’s been every time I wrestle it feels just kind of like a blessing.

"You never know when this is going to be taken away, so I tend to enjoy those moments just a little bit more."

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