Buddy Murphy Names WWE's Dolph Ziggler As His Dream Match

The two have only briefly locked up once before

Buddy Murphy has named WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler as the match he would most like to have. 

Despite wrestling in the same promotion for a number of years, Murphy and Ziggler never got the opportunity to really clash on the WWE stage.

The duo did briefly lock up in the Survivor Series 2020 kick-off shoe Battle Royal but, aside from that short exchange, Ziggler and Murphy haven't had the opportunity to work together.

The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion was asked about his dream match and the Australian wrestler said the legendary Eddie Guerrero - who passed away in 2005 - would be his all-time dream opponent.

In terms of a guy he'd like to wrestle today, Murphy named Ziggler.

Speaking during a Highspot Sign It Live, Murphy said: "I want to wrestle Dolph [Ziggler], which I never got to do, which sucked.

"We did a little exchange in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal, which I made sure I got. He's so good in the ring and I don't think he gets the appreciation for how good he is."

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