Buff Bagwell Claims WWE Turned Down His Rehab Request

Bagwell hasn't said when he made the request

Former WCW star Buff Bagwell has claimed WWE turned down his rehab request.

Speaking on his Rebuilding Buff podcast, Bagwell made the following claims:

“You ready for this one? WWF [WWE] turned me down on going to rehab. I want to put that in your head and let you run with that, and just think about Scott Hall going four or five times, that crazy, crazy, crazy ass girl, that Dustin Rhodes was married to, that went five or six times. Not to mention Road Dogg… you kidding me? You think he went once? They went every time they could, I ask once and they deny me. They deny me, bro. Here I am trying to get better, I’ve come to them, on what they want me to do, which is get better, and it’s not like I’m off the chain.

“I mean, I’m in shape, you can tell by my body. I’m in shape, I’m at the gym every day. I feel great and all that but still, you know, I could use something like that to get my life completely straight up, and a company like AEW could take me for real, you know? And that’s where Dallas [Page] is really behind this thing, is more like, look, he goes, ‘You’re a great guy, it’s just nobody thinks nothing’s wrong with you because you look great, you sound great, but you don’t act like it, you need help. You need help.’ And I said, ‘I agree, I agree with you, I’m with you.’ But what do you do when the WWF, out of all of those drug addicts I just talked about, from Jake Roberts to Scott Hall, down the list. If they get mad about me saying they’re drug addicts, then they’re just idiots because we all were drug addicts, and if they’re willing to say that, then so be it. They can be proud enough to say that if they want to, but it’s not the truth. The truth is, they turned me down.”

Bagwell was hired by WWE after WWE bought out WCW, but Bagwell didn’t stay with the company for very long, wrestling one televised match in 2001 against Booker T.

There is also no timeframe on when Bagwell approached WWE for help.

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