Buff Bagwell Offered To Wrestle For WWE ‘For Free’

The former WCW star was briefly with WWE in 2001

Despite being one of WCW’s most popular stars when it closed its doors in 2001, Buff Bagwell couldn’t translate his success in WCW into a decent run in WWE, memorably wrestling one match on RAW against Booker T in July before being released a week later.

Now it seems that Bagwell attempted to orchestrate a return to WWE, saying on the Cheap Heat Productions Podcast that he once contacted John Laurinaitis directly with an intriguing proposal:

“I even offered Laurinaitis, when he was running things, I offered him, I said, ‘Look, bring me in for a month, bring me in for two weeks, bring me in for a week,'" said Bagwell. "Whatever you wanna decide to bring me in for, bring me in for.’ I said, ‘I’ll wrestle it for free.’ I said, ‘Pay for my trans[port], but I’ll wrestle it for free.’"

As for that infamous first go in WWE, ‘Buff Daddy’ said he’d clear up the exact details around his WWE release soon in conversation with Conrad Thompson, saying:

“I wanna tell the whole story too again and get it straight because it’s never been really straightened out on what Jim Ross said, how he said it, why he said it, it’s still wide open on really not clearing it up, and he [Conrad Thompson] is really blown away on why did I not get a second chance.”

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