Bully Ray Praises Peyton Royce's Promo On WWE Raw Talk

"In my eyes, she got herself over last night."

Bully Ray has praised the real and emotional promo given by Peyton Royce during the most recent edition of WWE Raw Talk. 

On Monday's episode of the post-Raw talk show, Royce forgo her usually happy and cheerful nature to cut arguably the most powerful promo of her career in WWE so far, in which she bemoaned the lack of opportunities she has been given as a single superstar, highlighted her own work ethic and talent, and called out Raw Women's Champion Asuka. 

Speaking on his Busted Open show, Bully Ray was thrilled with what he saw from Royce, highlighting the seriousness in her eyes as she looked directly down the camera. 

The WWE Hall Of Famer believes Royce did more than enough in one promo to get herself over in the eyes of fans. 

He said: "It was the way that she looked into that camera, and the look in her eye,” he said. “I’m not going to say that she was a woman scorned, but she was a pissed-off woman. It was that look on her face, it wasn’t the same smiley Peyton, it wasn’t that happy-go-lucky Peyton, it wasn’t that ditzy, funny, you know…witty Peyton. This was a very serious woman, speaking words that meant something to her.

"In my eyes, she got herself over last night."

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