Booker T On The AEW Revolution 2021 Explosion Botch: "It Was Comical"

The WWE Hall Of Famer wasn't impressed

Following the widely praised Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch at Revolution, Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers left Jon Moxley handcuffed in the middle of the ring. Eddie Kingston headed to the squared circle to try and save his former friend and he ended up using his body to shield Moxley as the countdown to the big explosion ticked down to zero.

Fans weren't treated to a big eruption, though, as the final explosion arrived with a whimper and ended up being some smoke and Goldberg pyro. 

Many people from across the wrestling world have had their say on the explosion and Booker T described the moment as "a bomb" on the Hall Of Fame podcast

"It was a bomb," Booker T said. "It bombed miserably in front of the world... Don't put yourself in a situation like that ever again, and to blame it on Kenny Omega. Kenny Omega's a tech guy now?"

The six-time world champion commented on the moment further later in the podcast, saying: "I'm just wondering who was the tech guy? Who put that thing together? Because the ending and the finale, it was comical. It was comical in the sense of, 'Was that it? Are you kidding me?' 

"And then to cover it up by saying Kenny Omega, he built this thing. Come on here... It's gonna definitely be one of those things where they're gonna have to work themselves up out of that. Figure out how to get past that and move forward because it's something people are gonna be thinking about for a long time."

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