WWE's Bobby Lashley Reveals Where The Hurt Business Name Came From

The name is years in the making

Bobby Lashley has revealed the name for 'The Hurt Business' came from an old boxing coach he had years before his return to WWE. 

With MVP, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander, Lashley has formed one of the most dominant groups in WWE today in The Hurt Business. With Benjamin and Alexander the reigning Raw Tag Team champions, Lashley himself cemented himself as a top star on the brand by claiming the WWE Title last week. 

The 44-year-old has now admitted he was the one that came up with the name of the group, having previously seen the words emblazoned on the t-shirt of a former coach he had. 

When asked where the name for the faction came from, Lashley told The Wrap: "It was me. I was thinking about this before, I was thinking about the whole thing before. Originally, a boxing coach that I had down in Coconut Creek at American Top Team. He used to always wear this T-shirt and I was like, man, that is incredible man, that needs to be in WWE because that’s my character. I just need a group. 

"So I just loved it forever. And this was several years back, several, several years back, and I held onto it. And when we came, I was still holding onto it. And I was like man, I wanted to do something like that, but I need the right people involved."

Lashley would admit he checked if the name had previously been copyrighted or owned by anyone else, and was able to ascertain that it was his former coach that had coined the phrase. The coach would give Lashley permission to use it for the name of his group in WWE.

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