Bully Ray To Face Jerry Lawler In ECW Arena

The King returns to ‘the bingo hall’

Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler is to return to the site of one of his most controversial wrestling moments, as he faces ECW original Bully Ray in the former ECW Arena in Philadelphia on December 18.

The two are wrestling for Battleground Championship Wrestling, and it’ll be interesting to see if the Philadelphia crowd will remember how ‘The King’ acted the first time he made his way to ‘the world’s most famous bingo hall’.

After disparaging ECW during the cult hardcore promotions WWE RAW invasion of 1996, Lawler made his way to ECW in 1997, savagely attacking Tommy Dreamer with Rob Van Dam and Sbau after Dreamer finally defeated nemesis Raven at Wrestlepalooza.

Lawler’s debut ECW appearance is one of the greatest heel moves in wrestling history, with ‘The King’ famously saying “they should have built this bingo hall out of toilet paper, as there ain’t nothing in it but s***.” Lawler would later wrestle Tommy Dreamer at ECW Hardcore Heaven 1997, and would revisit his anti-ECW agenda in 2006 at WWE ECW One Night Stand 2.

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