Chelsea Green Hit With Cease And Desist Order Over Podcast

The podcast is now known as 'Green With Envy'

Former WWE Superstar Chelsea Green has been forced to change the name of her podcast after being hit with a Cease And Desist Order.

Green, who was one of ten talent released by WWE back in April, recently began her own podcast, which she titled '50 Shades Of Green'. The first episode dropped at the end of last month.

However, Green has now revealed on social media that she has changed the name of her podcast to 'Green With Envy' after being on the end of a Cease And Desist Order over the previous title. 

'50 Shades Of Green' is a relatively popular brand name that is also used for marijuana dispensaries and landscaping services.

Green wrote on Twitter: "Have you really made it if you haven’t been hit with a Cease & Desist?" She then revealed the branding for her new podcast name. 

Green was signed by WWE in 2018 and was on the Smackdown brand prior to her departure from the company. Her 90-day no-compete clause comes to an end in July.

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