Chris Hero Recalls Getting Released By WWE In 2013

Hero had two stints in NXT as Kassius Ohno

Chris Hero’s two stints in WWE NXT were frankly underwhelming. Far from being respected as an incredible worker and indie legend, Hero was often lambasted by WWE management over his physical shape, eventually telling Hero he had 30 days to turn things round in 2013.

Unfortunately, Hero was released in November 2013, and on a recent episode of Shoot Conversations with Chris Hero, the former Knock-Out Artist spoke of the chaotic circumstances surrounding his release:

“They gave me 30 days of like, 'Hey, here is your chance to turn it around.' Obviously, I didn't turn it around. The 30 days came upon the following Monday after TV. It's Friday, a day or two after we tape TV. Friday morning, we're at the PC early as hell, all in, and they decide to start shooting practice matches. You had no time to prep, they just gave you a finish and you're just wrestling in front of all 40 of us. I'm watching this and the match is Angelo Dawkins and Kal Jak. He's very new and teaming with Angelo Dawkins against the team of Slate Randall and Yoshi Tatsu. I'm like, 'Friday morning, we're watching this, what's going to happen?' Yoshi is in there with Dawkins and trying to call spots. He's in a hold and going, 'Hit me.' Dawkins hears 'Headbutt' and he goes BAM! and headbutts him in the face. We're like 'woaahh,' this is the middle of the heat. Slate Randall - LA Knight currently - is going for some type of tag and as a total shoot, from what I believe to be a total shoot, he slips on the ring skirt and falls off, and crumbles to the floor. I'm like, 'What is going on? People are going to get hurt. This is a stupid thing.' Then, I went to the office and got fired.” 

Hero would eventually return to NXT for a second run in 2017, a run that went decidedly better, until his release in 2020.

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