Chris Jericho Reveals He Once Suggested That Ryback Break The Undertaker's Streak

Le Champion Claims The Big Guy Was Held Back Due To Backstage Politics...

On the latest edition of his Saturday Night Special YouTube show, current AEW and former WWE star Chris Jericho revealed that he once suggested Ryback should be the one to break The Undertaker's WrestleMania winning streak. 

Jericho was full of praise for The Big Guy and also mentioned how he was supposed to work with him at WrestleMania 29, before Vince McMahon changed the match to Jericho versus Fandango. 

On Ryback and the proposed WrestleMania match between the pair, Jericho said: 

I think Ryback is great. I think he was a huge star that was kind of buried by politics for whatever reason. And there was - actually, when I came back to WWE, the year I worked with Fandango, I was originally supposed to work with Ryback. That’s what we had kind of worked out at the time. And for whatever reason, Ryback didn’t happen. Vince changed his mind as he is wont to do, like I said. And they changed it to Fandango.

And on the idea that Ryback should break the streak: 

There was a time when Ryback was so popular, that I suggested he should be the guy that beats the Undertaker. He’s the one. And it didn’t go that way, and sometimes there’s complaints about his work. I loved working with Ryback. I did a bunch of house shows with him in Calgary and we had great matches. So really, really a big fan of Ryback.

Of course, Brock Lesnar was the man who famously ended The Streak at WrestleMania XXX. 

Ryback left WWE in August of 2016 and has only wrestled sporadically on the independent scene since (his last match was in 2018). 

However, should he want to return to the spotlight it looks as though he has an advocate in the former AEW Champion. 

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