CM Punk Teases AEW Match With Bryan Danielson

Punk has made a number of references to the former Daniel Bryan...

CM Punk has doubled down on his references to the former Daniel Bryan, posting an teaser image of the duo together not long after referencing him on AEW Dynamite. 

Punk made reference to Bryan and his famous 'Yes' chants during an in-ring interview with Tony Schiavone on this week's AEW Dynamite. As the crowd chanted 'Yes' at Punk, the Second City Saviour noted that the catchphrase didn't belong to him and AEW fans 'might just need to be a little more patient'.

Shortly after, Punk posted a zoomed-in image on his Instagram stories, which showed a close up picture of a handshake.

The picture is from a 2004 Ring of Honor contest between CM Punk and Bryan Danielson, the first time the two would square off in Ring Of Honor. The match in questioned was refereed by WWE Hall of Famer Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and concluded with Punk submitting to Danielson’s abdominal stretch.

Danielson is reported to have already signed with All Elite Wrestling, and has been rumoured to be making his debut at the September 22 edition of AEW Dynamite at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

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