Cody Deaner Re-Signs With IMPACT Wrestling

The VBD member has committed his future the company

Cody Deaner has re-signed with IMPACT Wrestling.

Talking to Slam Wrestling, Deaner spoke of several reasons why he has decided to remain part of IMPACT, noting how the strength of IMPACT’s roster is one of the best in the business and an important factor in his decision:

“I believe that we have the best roster in professional wrestling,” Deaner began. “Both in terms of the talent, but also in terms of the morale of the company. Everybody gets along, and it really feels like a team, it feels like family. So I definitely wanted to stay with my family.”

No specific details of Deaner’s deal have been public, and Deaner admitted he didn’t rule out switching companies before putting pen to paper:

“I mean, as a professional wrestler, I’m also a businessman,” he shared. “I’m always open to exploring talking to other companies. A businessman is always going to ‘take the meeting.’ They’re not going to close the doors.”

Speaking of doors, the ‘forbidden door’ was one reason why Deaner decided to stay:

“It’s a real interesting time in Impact Wrestling. One of the big advantages of being here is that you have access to these ‘Forbidden Doors’. There are multiple doors, with many companies working together in ways that haven’t been done in wrestling in many, many years. And Impact is one of those main places that gives you access to those doors. That played into my thought process, for sure.”

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